SEKALA provides technical support for community mapping activities and advice on community based forest management in collaboration with the community mapping network (JKPP) and the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. In the past, SEKALA was engaged by the DFID’s Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme to compile a database of community based forest management maps for Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. SEKALA also recently completed an assessment of customary forest based management in Indonesia for the Tenure Facility of the Rights & Resources Initiative.

SEKALA’s personnel have rich experience in community mapping and community based spatial planning. Under SEKALA’s Center of Excellence with support from CLUA, SEKALA regularly provides assistance with community mapping and spatial planning in Indonesia and it provides GIS and remote sensing training to government officials and NGOs in its training centre. Overall, SEKALA strives to develop a highly competent Indonesian firm that can provide realistic, effective and highly skilled personnel and assistance for REDD+ and other environmental issues